Conservation Windows


If you are lucky enough to live in a conservation area you will need a little extra planning and consideration when doing any home improvements, due to the need to keep inline with the Historic and Architectural elements of the area.


Here at PanEuro we have a range of features to help with those little design requirements.

Conservation Sash Windows

Our timber range of widows and doors can have a variety of extra features to fit in with the architecture of the area and give modern upgrades to timeless designs.

Conservation Box Sash Windows

PanEuro’s standard range of box sash windows can be provided with additional options such as:

  • Cords and Weight Sash Windows for full replacement
  • Single glass panes with putty glazing
  • Solid glazing bars with individual Georgian panes
  • Externally beaded or putty glazing with Dryseal Putty
  • Prime only for on site painting to give that “Dulux Gloss Brush Finish”
  • External D Handles
  • Complicated Glazing Bars
  • Arched or Curved head Frames and Sashes
  • Sections sized the meet existing sightlines
  • Special colour and Dual Colour options
  • Antique type furniture
  • Matching Decorative Horns outside and inside

PanEuro’s range of casement windows can also be fitted with most additional items listed above.

Pilkington Spacia units are also available at PanEuro, the Pilkington Spacia™ technology is the World’s first commercially available‘Vacuum Glazing’. It provides a similar level of energy efficiency as modern double glazing, but in a unit that is typically only a quarter of the thickness. This brings a new degree of thermal performance to older buildings, and opportunities for thin glazing in new buildings.

modern double glazing

We would also like to let you know we are able to supply the Smarts Alitherm Heritage Range. Alitherm Heritage provides the ideal solution for heritage applications such as listed building renovations and large-scale replica-refurbishment projects where planning constraints are to be considered.

The conservation timber window is designed to be built as a series of horizontal modules which can be stacked using horizontal couplers to form a multi-part window featuring a specially designed drip bar between modules.

Alitherm profiles utilise Smart’s innovative polyamide thermal break technology which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. This technology significantly reduces thermal transmittance and enhances the overall U Value of a product and is designed to meet the exacting requirements of Document L 2010.

Alitherm products are available in a choice of standard or non-standard colours, including metallic, dual colour, Smart’s Sensations textured, and Alchemy anodised effect finishes.