Traditional Timber Casement Windows.

August 14, 2019

Over the years, the major loss of traditional timber windows from our old period buildings poses one of the major threats to our heritage landscape.

Here at PanEuro Windows, we are trying to bring back the authentic feature of timber casement windows and timber box sash windows to our period buildings throughout the country.

Traditional timber windows and their glazing make an important contribution to the significance of historic areas. With some areas being covered with conservation orders to preserve the look of the architecture and keep properties with traditional timber or metal windows.

They are an integral part of the design of older buildings and can be important artefacts, often made with great skill and ingenuity with materials of a higher quality than are generally available today.

Luckily with PanEuro’s timber casement window and timber box sash window ranges, you can get the same quality of materials and craftmanship as the old classic timber windows but with improved acoustic and heat values.

Available fully finished or primed so a hand painted finish can be achieved if necessary.

Except for early unpainted oak framed windows, traditional windows were always painted, both to protect the timber and for aesthetic reasons. If paintwork can deteriorate it is not only the appearance of the windows that suffers; water penetrating the paint film can cause the underlying timber to decay.

With PanEuro’s 4 coat microporous paint finish it gives you the guarantee you need.

Modern timber windows are often coated with wood stains. However, the appearance and character of this type of finish can make it unsuitable for use on traditional timber windows and doors in listed buildings and conservation areas which were usually painted or occasionally grained, so PanEuro can offer the frames primed ready to paint on site to match the old style of an original timber window or door.

The distinctive appearance of historic hand-made glass is not easily imitated in modern glazing but with solid glazing bars when Georgian pattern is used can help replicate the authentic hand-made glass look. Also, we can provide slim glazing in all our units and as previously mentioned in the Pilkington Spacia blog, Spacia sealed units, the industries only vacuumed sealed unit are also available in any of our timber casement or timber box sash windows.

Windows are vulnerable elements of any building as they are relatively easily replaced or altered. With original windows being single glazed many were replaced for improve performance. Such work often has a profound affect not only on the building itself but on the appearance of street and local area.

Unfortunately, with the surge of Upvc windows in the 80’s & 90’s due to improved performance at the time many traditional windows were removed, and the original style and architecture lost.

Now with improvements to the manufacturing of timber windows and their glazing you can have upgraded timber windows without sacrificing the old authentic look and feel the benefits of modern heat and acoustic ratings. PanEuro’s timber window range offer all the benefits of A-rated windows without losing the style.

Timber Casement Windows