Timber Renovation Box Sash ‘Box in a Box’

August 14, 2019
Timber Box Sash

Here at PanEuro Windows we have a full range of timber box sash windows, to suit any building, home or office. Fantastic quality timber windows that come fully finished, glazed and hardware fitted.

We have traditional timber box sash windows on Cords & Weights, with traditional style hardware to match or we can also offer timber box sash windows on spiral balance and modern hardware to give it a newer feel. Our timber box sash window range can suit new or old-style properties.

A variety of glazing options are available, from acoustic glazing to triple glazing, self-cleaning glass and acid etched Glass on all our timber box sash windows. Whether you live in a city and need a little help with the noise from outside from your new timber box sash windows, or you live in the country and need a warmer home we have every glass solutions to help with your new timber box sash windows.

With a full colour range from Remmel paints for our timber box sash windows, we have an unlimited choice when it come to our timber box sash windows range. Whether you feel a classic white or cream for your timber box sash windows is best or maybe a modern classic like Chartwell Green for your timber box sash windows, we have a large range of options.

But as some homeowners know the thought of changing their old beautifully finished original timber box sash windows is just too much too bear, no matter how good the new timber box sash windows are. Due to the old timber box sash windows normally being ‘in check’ (behind) from the brick work, replacement often means a lot of mess and possible damage to surrounding plaster and architrave!

Just imagine if you could get all the benefits above but without the worry of the damage that could be caused inside your home from replacing the whole timber box sash window frame. Instead what if you could get the improved acoustic and heating values by only removing the old sashes from the original window and fitting our new cassette style timber box sash window!!!

PanEuro are proud to announce our WPL 50/45 slim renovation sash, timber box sash window.

This timber box sash window will save you money on time, faster fit of the timber box sash window and costly making good in the home as the old timber box stays in!

Faster Fitting Time, Less Mess, Less Cost, Beautiful new Timber Box Sash Windows.


Now making it easy to change your old timber box sash windows with the same traditional look in new double-glazed timber box sash windows, with many options available to match its settings.

Timber Box Sash Window ‘Cassette System’

For a quick and efficient replacement of the old draughty and cold box sash windows in your property try PanEuro’s ‘Box in a Box’. The old timber box frame stays in place, the new WPL50/45 Timber Box Sash Window‘Cassette System’ fits in place of the old sashes and covers the joint of the brickwork and the old box on the outside and on the inside aligns through with the existing box leaving no damage to the internal architraves. The Old rotten sill is removed to allow for the new frame sill to fit in its place. Leaving you with a new double-glazed timber box sash windows without the hassle and mess.

We believe that this timber box sash window reduces the cost of fitting due to the time saved making good on finishing’s and the surrounding area of the timber box sash window.

Whilst still benefiting from the improved acoustic and heat values associated with A-rated double-glazed timber box sash windows.

This amazing timber box sash window really does make having new timber box sash windows easy and hassle free. For further information on how the ‘cassette system’ works see the diagram attached or contact one of our team today!

Please see the image of the two types of timber box sash windows. One is a traditional timber box sash window on cords & weights, the other is our renovation sash, timber box sash window. Can you tell the difference?

So if you would like to upgrade your timber box sash windows without the mess of replacing the full box, try PanEuro’s ‘Box in a Box’ timber box sash window as the cheaper quicker alternative!

Timber Box Sash Windows