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Quality standards


Over recent years with the technological advances that have taken place such as the use of dimensionally stable engineered timber sections, fully factory finished micro porous paint and stain application with long service life guarantees, advanced multi point locking systems that surpass UK insurance standards and exceptional glazing techniques that perform in the harshest of environments. PanEuro have become one of the leading suppliers of timber windows and doors.

We have seen an increase in the demand for good quality and performance products. Now the customer is looking to enhance their property value with timber windows and doors that can out perform the alternatives. Home owners and developers have realised to benefits of timber windows that are more than just a perceived improvement of quality but an actual benefit to property value, insulation and comfort.

In collaboration with our manufacturing partner based in mainland Europe, PanEuro Windows can offer a complete range of UK window and door set systems that are truly bespoke, encompass the latest modern specifications whilst retaining traditional features.

All our timber meets strict criteria and PanEuro Windows can proudly carry the FSC Licence.

The latest technology and techniques
Our manufacturing partner’s facilities has the capability of processing sustainable raw material to finished component.

Unlike many suppliers they laminate their own timber sections, have in house kiln drying facilities and process timber components using the latest CNC controlled machining centres.

Further control of the manufacturing humidity levels ensures accuracy and stability of components prior to the assembly process.

Dedicated teams carry out vital hand finishing tasks throughout manufacture and prior to the factory paint or stain finished being applied. This attention to detail complies with strict quality control procedures supported by CE declaration across the product range and our ISO9001 quality standards.

PanEuro are proud members of the National Federation of Glazers and FSC Licenced.



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