Conservation Range

PanEuro Timber windows and doors are protected by the Tecnos 4 coat system. This includes preservative treatment, primer coat, mid coat and 2 top coats. Plus end grain treatment

A micro porous finish allows the timber to ‘breath’, PanEuro’s Windows and doors have a moisture content which is between 12 – 18 % .

Windows and doors on site and installed they are subjected to the constant changes in climate and humidity. When the air is very humid the timber will take on moisture and when it is very dry the timber will let go of moisture hence the term ‘breathing’, the microporous system allows the timber to do this without damage to the surface coating. As long as the integrity of the coating is protected – the timber beneath will be too

The raw windows and doors are carefully prepared for painting by an automatic paint application system before the initial primer coat and then in between the two top finishing coats; attention to detail is paramount and carefully checked by skilled operatives to ensure a perfect finish.

RAL 9016 Traffic White is our standard but our customers may choose from the RAL Classic swatch.