National Federation of Glaziers

March 29, 2019
NFG Logo

PanEuro Windows are proud members of the National Federation of Glaziers.

National Federation of Glaziers was founded in 1991 to promote best and fair practice in the Glazing industry and is a Trade and Consumer Federation.

Their mission statement ‘We exist to bring together glazing industry enterprises that are genuinely interested in excellence and integrity. Excellence in the service they provide and integrity in how they provide that service’.

PanEuro windows strive to carry the same excellence and integrity in our products and services, so becoming a member was a perfect fit.

Being a member enables us to keep up to date on all relevant topics within the industry, which is done regularly. NFGs commitment to good practice is an obligation to all members to carry the same standards, PanEuro strives to meet these targets daily!

The Federations is also able to offer advice on all aspects of glazing, they have contact with other organisationssuch as the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Building Research Establishment (BRE), and publishes leaflets on various aspects of glazing. They are actively engaged in the development of glazing standards and provide advice to both their Members and our customers in these matters.

Our membership not only benefits us at PanEuro but also you. All customers using a member have access to the Contract Deposit Guarantee Scheme which willcover your deposit should an installer cease to trade after you have paid a deposit, but before they havecompleted the work. An extra insurance on top of our 10 Year guarantee and Homepro!

Now that’s trust!