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Paneuro Windows

PanEuro provides some of the very best Upvc hardware & finish, door, window or box sash, to match its quality timber windows and doors. We use a range of the very best suppliers to give our customers choice without compromising quality.

You can decide to use our standard range of window and door hardware which is available in a variety of finishes or maybe handmade ironmongery from companies such as Anvil and Carlisle Brass

Whether your new timber windows have the old authentic English look of monkey tail handles and stays, or you may wish to bring a modern twist with easy clean hinges and a brushed chrome finish, there is a style to suit all.

All hardware is subject to manufacturer’s warranty, please contact one of our team for more info.



PanEuros Timber windows and doors are protected by a 4-coat system Paint System. This includes preservative treatment, primer coat, mid coat and 2 topcoats. Plus, end grain treatment

A micro-porous finish allows the timber to ‘breath’. Windows and doors on-site and installed are subjected to the constant changes in climate and humidity. When the air is very humid the timber will take on moisture and when it is very dry the timber will let go of moisture hence the term ‘breathing’, the micro porous system allows the timber to do this without damage to the surface coating. As long as the integrity of the coating is protected – the timber beneath will be too.

The ‘bare’ windows and doors are carefully prepared for painting, by the automatic paint application system,with the initial primer coat and then in between the two top finishing coats; attention to detail is paramount and carefully checked by skilled operatives to ensure a perfect finish.

Our Paint products are environmentally friendly and priority is given to the development of non-polluting products they are acknowledged by several environmental agencies as being above industry standards when it comes to keeping the environment safe


Environmental Protection

Remmers and the Environment

  • Our products are environmentally friendly
  • Responsible use of non-polluting raw materials
  • Anti pollution production eg, utilising power and water efficient methods, and reduction of waste
  • Achievement beyond environmental legal requirements
  • Priority given to the development of non-polluting products
  • Environmental protection central to Remmers´ approach
  • Acknowledged by several environmental organisations in Germany